July 15, 2009

Come On, Perez (Again!)

We aren't huge fans of Perez Hilton at Broadspot. You have probably already guessed that from our previous posts, but still, it's the little things that make me hate him more than his obviously homophobic remarks made at major awards ceremonies. Today Perez announced that there will be a third Bridget Jones film. That's good news for people who like comedies that feature talented casts and don't suck. This demographic does not exclusively pertain to women, so why the fucking hell does the announcement of this third BJ film read, "Attention, ladies"? Why are you preemptively assuming only women will want to see this film? Stop being such a chauvinist, Perez. Stop devaluing woman-centred cinema. Why must we ghettoize stories about women? Why? Stop aiding and abetting patriarchy, you imbecile!

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