July 7, 2009

Bullet Trains - I WANT one!

Read this link. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/bullet-train-on-the-slow-road-to-approval/article1208558/. In Canada, Alberta and Quebec and Ontario and considering bullet trains! I know, I know, this isn't a specifically super feminist-y post, but it's still important. Bullet trains help our mobility rights, which are constitutional rights to all Canadians. What's the good of having a right if it's hard to facilitate it? A plane ride from Windsor to Quebec City is too expensive for most Canadians, and the car and bus journeys are effing long. The current train journey is super long too, so in reality we don't really have access to much of the country beyond our own community on a regular basis - enter bullet trains!

Bullet trains would allow people to accept jobs they wouldn't otherwise take, which would be good for the economy. Think about it - your wife has a job in Toronto, and your kids have only ever lived there, but you've lost your job and the only other one you can find is in Quebec City. Previously, you'd probably just stay unemployed, but now you could take that job. Not only that, but in the short-term, making bullet trains would be a great make-work project. It would be Keynsian economics at its best! Plus, everyone else has one! I mean, they've got them in France, Spain, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, etc, etc. All the cool countries have one, I want one too! Come on, don't you? I want one because I could live in one part of Canada, and work at a university in another. I'd really like one of these bullet trains for my PhD graduation. Christ, why did we stupidly decide to have the Olympics before having bullet trains? Where are our priorities, people?

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