July 3, 2009

An Awkward Conversation

Portrait of an Awkward Experience

Girl #1: I'm from Germany. I'm from X Town in Germany.

Girl #2: Interesting, the woman who raised me was from X town, too!

Girl #1: Cool! I knew we had stuff in common when I met you. We even have the same hair cut. Where are you from?

Girl #2: Canada.

Girl #1: Is that where you are originally from?

Girl #2: Yep. Fourth generation on both sides.

Girl #1: I'm originally from Turkey.

Girl #2: Cool. Which part?

Girl #1: The seaside. What are you?

Girl #2: What do you mean?

Girl #1: What;s your last name?

Girl # 2: Sahagian.

Girl # 1: What is that?

Girl # 2. Armenian.

Girl #1: Oh, I just have to say, I'm sorry about our history. I'm sorry about the genocide.

Girl # 2 (Long, awkward pause. What the fuck do you say about that?) Thank you?

Girl #1: I am so sad. Our country seems to be going back there. To Islamic fundamentalism. I say, if you want to be Muslim and wear the veil, move to Iran!

Girl #2: Now wait a minute, that's not fair! THe majority of Turkish women veil and aren't extreme. You can have state secularism where people can still practice their religion as they see fit. You don't HAVE to ban all religious symbols.

Girl #1: That only works in Canada because you're Christian.

GIrl #2: Ah, I don't know if that's true.

Girl #1: You know what we need in Turkey? Four years of dictatorship to clean the country. If you want to be Muslim, go to Saudi Arabia.

Girl #2: (Frightened) I have to go now.

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