June 17, 2009

Owning a Gun is Good Feminism to Some?

Is Owning a gun a FEMINIST statement? Parenting Blogger Dana Loach says so. Don't believe me? Watch this video right here, where Dana and her parenting blog friends get into a good old fashioned debate about whether it's good to teach your kids that guns are okay, and whether indeed, as a woman, knowing how to use a gun and having one is a radical feminist act.

I personally don't think treating people as expendable is ever a good feminist act, and guns facilitate just that. It's so easy to kill someone accidentally, in a case of mistaken identity, or in the heat of the moment, too. So why the hell would you have one in your home NEAR YOUR KIDS, who could easily have the kind of accident from which THERE IS NO COMING BACK. What responsible parent then would take the risk of having a gun in the house? Get good locks and a security system, if possible, to keep robbers out and then make sure your house isn't a disaster waiting to happen ON THE INSIDE. Your house should be a tool to keep your kids safe, not a safety hazard in and of itself.

Where I grew up, in an area of Toronto where everyone I knew voted either liberal or NDP, no one owned a gun and it was one of the safest neighbourhoods in Toronto. Dana Loach tries to argue that states that allow people to carry conceal weapons actually have lower crime and murder rates. I'm sure that's true, but that's in the context of a country where no state has adequate gun control. In a country where it's so easy for crazy people to access guns, it probably does make you safer to carry one at all times; however, in countries where there is strict gun control and it's hard for someone to get a gun for ANY REASON, let alone carry a concealed weapon with them at all times, those countries have EVEN LOWER murder rates. Look at Canada, Great Britain, Japan and much of Europe for proof.

People just shouldn't own guns. They are just too fast, too immediate and too deadly.

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