June 22, 2009

One of Those Days

You know those days? Those days when you are just at home, chilling and waiting for a houseguest to arrive, and then the police call you from Heathrow Airport to give you some news about said guest. And your heart drops, worrying said guest has been falsely accused of smuggling cocaine, and you will have to bail them out of jail somehow - or even worse, they will accuse you of being an accessory to the crime! But then, it's not a drug smuggling accusation, it's that said guest was passing out and vomiting on an Air Transat Flight, and so the border people were convinced she had swine flu and took her to the police, who called EMS, who forced her to go to a hospital IN THE MIDDLE OF FRICKING NOWHERE for tests, before finally releasing her, telling her what she and you knew to begin with - that she just needed food and rest. And then you have to pay 129 pounds there and back to pick her up, because this hospital is so far away you can't even take the tube or the bus there, and your friend is too ill to be on the tube anyway. You know those days? Well, I had one of those days yesterday...

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