June 10, 2009

Friends Having Babies - And Being Happy ABout it!

The first planned pregnancy in my social circle has taken place. A girl I shared a house with in second year, who got married at 24 last summer (young but not ridiculously young to marry) is pregnant. It was planned and she's ecstatic, and the weird thing is that really, it's not even inappropriate. She'll be 25 and a mother. A perfectly legitimate age to have a baby. She has an undergraduate degree and a husband who is also educated. They are perfectly capable of supporting a baby quite well together. And that's the scary thing, that there is nothing scary about the prospect of her having a baby. And that's what scares the fucking shit out of me! When your friends have inappropriate pregnancies where the baby is unwanted because the mother isn't ready or society in general thinks she's too young, you don't feel old. When your friends start family planning their way into having babies, you feel OLD!

I am not ready to have a baby. I am 23 and still in school. I will likely still be in school for many years. My income is derived from TAships and scholarships and I have a roommate (Hey Steph, how would you like a crying baby in the apartment while you are trying to study for law school finals?). I also have no steady partner to impregnate me. I am so far away from a planned pregnancy that I don't even have anyone TO impregnate me. My friends are making whole new human beings, and I still watch television aimed at teens and tweens! Wow, I'm immature; however, have you seen Skins? It's a British teen show. It's amazing!

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