June 4, 2009


Almost Spotted: Ed Westwick in Sophie's Steak House in Covent Garden, London, UK. Apparently Ed Westwick likes steak. One of my heterosexual British guy friends (who doesn't even know what Gossip Girl is, besides knowing that it's "That program you enjoy, Sarah.") served Ed Westwick at his restaurant in Covent Garden a few weeks ago and only just remembered to tell me today! My fantasy of bringing him my Gossip Girl essay (and of him in turn showing this to Stephanie Savage, who will then immediately track me down and decide to make me her protegee) was THIS CLOSE to happening. This encounter would have made my little feminist blogger life! Instead, I am heart-broken by the knowledge of what could have been...

Now, all I have is a story about how I could have met Ed Westwick and given him my essay on how his television series is a pro-feminist text, but then didn't, because I wasn't notified of his whereabouts in time. The only thing I have gotten out of this "almost meeting" is knowing that Ed Westwick apparently enjoys steak. Yum! Can't abide a man who won't eat steak. Love steak!

Oh, and apparently Ed Westwick is super cute in real life. All the female staff at the restaurant were buzzing about him being there and ogling him the whole night. Unfortunately, my friend can't remember what he was wearing, which is too bad, because I want to know if Westwick dresses like Chuck in real life. I really hope he does...Sigh.

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