May 17, 2009

A Women's Transportation Issue

So, apparently, in Montreal, if you don't hold the rail on the escalator on your way down to the Metro, you will be accosted by police, trapped in a little jail cell and fined a hundred dollars. Jean Charest, do something! This is NOT cool. Read about a woman who had a terrifying brush with the law here. As she rightly points out, lots of people can't hold the rails on the escalators, because the Montreal Metro provides few elevators and lots of people go down with grocery bags and strollers. Since women disproportionately care for children and the house, and so disproportionately carry grocery bags and strollers, this law is actually a women's issue.

Say no to unjustified police brutality, people! Sure, it would be an ideal world if everyone were completely safe 100 per cent of the time, but not holding an escalator rail is NOT worth all this trouble. Plus, if you are that serious about safety, build f-ing elevators! I sincerely hope that's what those $100 fines are going into a fund to do!

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