May 30, 2009

The Verdict in Betty Vs. Veronica

This interesting little Globe article talks about how Archie of the famous Archie comics is going to get married, and he has chosen Veronica, NOT Betty. Read it here. It's a radical choice, as the vixen who is more of a challenge (usually, arbitrarily and bizarrely symbolized as being a brunette in contrast to a blonde who is always constructed as angelic) rarely gets the guy in popular culture texts, until, well, until now! The Challenging girl is getting not just guys who want to sleep with her, as she did in the past by virtue of being all complicated and sexy, she's getting the guy in the end too!

Veronica's not the only vixen to get her man. The article talks about how, like it or not, Jennifer lost Brad to Angelina and NOTHING IS EVRER GOING TO CHANGE THAT. Also, in the original episodes of Gossip Girl, Chuck Bass seemed to have a thing for the show's boring blondes (not boring BECAUSE THEY ARE BLONDE. Hold on, am not trying to offend blondes, but blonde, and then, for some reason, constructed by the writers as the nice girls because of it, like Betty before her), hitting on Serena before he ever made a single pass at Blair and attempting to date-rape sweet young Jenny in the pilot. Chuck was all eager to sleep with the blondes, but the only girl who could make him love her was a complicated, demanding brunette known to all the male characters in the show for her prowess in bed. She didn't just get the guy she wanted though, but Nate, who previously had a mad crush on Serena and nursed a love for Jenny for a few episodes basically fought Chuck Bass in an attempt to get her. The complicated girl is starting to win in pop culture, and that's really interesting.

What has inspired this change, do we think? Why are complicated ladies getting the guy on tv? Did Angelina start it all? It's interesting, because Blair Waldorf frequently compares herself to Ms. Jolie on the show. It's like the writers are alluding to how the world's most famous temptress has paved the way for the "bad" girl to get the guy, and for the guy to love being gotten by her.

So, thanks Angelina. Without you, Archie likely wouldn't be marrying Veronica and Blair Waldorf likely wouldn't have Chuck Bass. But really, at the end of the day, why NOT marry the one who is better in bed? Angelic girls are very nice, but you'll just cheat on them with someone more complicated...

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