May 2, 2009

Thought of The Day

Is monogamy what we should really being doing? This is a question I ask myself. I'm sure it works for some people, and I've always thought it worked for me, but, well, the expectation you're not supposed to fuck anyone else - or even be tempted by anyone else - can ruin relationships. We're human and we can be attracted to anyone at any time and all that is hard to control. I'm not saying just cheat and get it over with, I'm saying it's very hard in a 50 year marriage never to cheat. It takes a lot of will power, and does this not cheat waste too much energy? Does it make your life better or worse? Should we just cheat so we don't resent our partners or relationships? Should we not cheat but accept that monogamy is impossible and so sleeping with other people is fair game?

I'm inclined to think that maybe we humans should just accept defeat! That's my thought of the day, anyway...

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