May 7, 2009

Obama the Bigot?

Obama says he doesn't believe in gay marriage "as a Christian", even though he is committed to equality. Perhaps that's why he hasn't been a bigger help in the fight to legalize gay marriage in the states which is heated up and gaining ground. You can read about what he isn't doing here. What I want to know is, why the fuck is this a valid defense? I was raised in a Christian Church that is currently IN FAVOUR of gay marriage in the states. It's not a fringe group either, it's the Episcopalian church. A church a good number of intellectuals and established elites (not just hippies like at the United Church, though I do love the United Church for being hippies) are a part of has this stance, so why not Obama? If you're particular sect doesn't believe in gay marriage, you can switch denominations or fight like hell to GET them to accept it.

Here's the thing when it comes to gay marriage: sure the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman, but the bible suggests at points that slavery is cool too. How would Obama respond if someone said, "I respect black people's right to equality, but really, as a Christian I'm in favour of slavery." It would be fucking ridiculous if anyone said that, because obviously it's preposterous, but also because you can't be simultaneously in favour and against equality. Furthermore, it would be considered hate speech, and rightly so. Saying you are in favour of slavery while at Church but not when you're running the country is similar to saying I'm a homophobe who doesn't think at heart, in the safety of my church, but not in my job. What makes Obama's contradictory comment even more infuriating is that he really HASN'T done that much to help gay people achieve equality as yet in the states, so he's not being very genuine.

There really are as many passages in the bible that can be used to support gay marriage as can be used to ban it, which is why that fucking contradictory book should just stay out of it. Still, if you're going to invoke Christianity in general as a defense for your prejudices, make sure you specify it's your branch, and not all sects, who feel this way. Don't tarnish my religion with your homophobia, thank you very much!

If what Obama, as a Christian from a sect with homophobic policies, is afraid of, is that his Church will be FORCED to marry gay people if you legalize gay marriage, well, there's an easy answer to that - "A Defense of Religions Act" like in Canada. No, religious beliefs shouldn't be compromised by gay marriage, so you can enshrine in law that while a justice of the peace HAS to marry you, no church or religious institution does. They can opt in or out while hopefully evolving to be in favour of gay marriage in the future.

Okay. Rant done. I have solved Obama's problem. See? That wasn't so hard?

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