May 23, 2009

Hashin' out Controversies on Kim Kardashian...

Have you seen the photos of Kim Kardashian from her recent Complex magazine photoshoot? The ones where she's scantily clad and looking really horny? While Kim is not the sharpest tack in the box, I personally believe she is undeniably beautiful. So, when Complex Magazine photoshopped her to look skinnier when she already has a smokin' hour glass figure, the whole retouching thing became quite controversial. Kim has a negligible amount of cellulite on her body in the undoctored image, whereas, in the second one (Which the magazine intended to publish but then didn't by accident) she has none. All in all, she's always pretty representative of hegemonic beauty norms whether we edit her or not, so most media outlets agreed it was ridiculous that we even photoshop girls with bodies mainstream beauty ideals would categorize as near perfect.Th idea that "any" imperfection is too many is indeed sick; however, what didn't get that much airplay, and what Ms. Kardashian never condemned the magazine for doing was this; they lightened her skin!

Ms. Kardashian's father was Armenian and her mother is of WASP/German ancestry wikipedia tells me. Ms. Kardashian inherited her father's more olive skin tone. Whether I'm not sure to what extent we should classify Ms. Kardashian as a person of colour, her actual skin colour is not what the media usually classify as white. She's a little bit darker than your average model, actress or cover girl. So, while they (mainstream magazines) photoshop out EVERYONE'S cellulite, they don't change everyone's skin tone, attempting to erase or reduce the appearance of racial otherness. Ms. Kardashian says "so what?" if she has cellulite. She doesn't care and thinks they shouldn't edit that, but why does she not say, "So what if I'm ethnic? So what If I have a darker skin tone than Paris Hilton or Lauren Conrad and those other reality stars.

The truth is, stars get "whitened" all the time, and I'm sick of it (see every ad featuring Beyonce EVER for a reference). If people like Ms. Kardashian, who isn't even that dark, are too dark, then Hollywood is FUCKED. So, America might have a black president, but a half-Armenian girl is too brown for an American magazine? Who says race is no longer an issue!

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