May 19, 2009

Gossip Girl Feminist Index - The Goodbye Gossip Girl

Okay, first off, I have to say, I thought this was a lovely way to end the season. Here's my scoreboard. Hope you enjoy it!

- Plus Five points to Blair for telling Serena she wasn't going to let not getting into Yale or not being with Chuck ruin her graduation day. I like a woman with a sense of perspective, even if, in the end, grad went to hell anyway.

- Minus five points to Serena for taking Gossip Girl's comment about her "irrelevance" so seriously she declared war on Gossip Girl at her own high school grad. Serena, I know it was a harsh comment. It was mean and it would have hurt me too to think my life was over at 18, but still, talking an anonymous Gossip Blogger so seriously you ruin your own graduation trying to out her is ridiculous! You're going to Brown, be proud and be happy and act worthy of being a big girl at university now!

- Plus ten points to Blair for pursuing Chuck. She's right, she doesn't need to be the passive female waiting for him to pursue her. Plus, her sexy strip tease was the hottest thing that's happened on the show the whole season. Their chemistry really is electric. It's hard to believe that, in real life, they're both dating different co-stars.

- Minus 5 points to Blair for her classist comment about Vanessa when Gossip Girl revealed she'd slept with Chuck. Still, she was mad, and Vanessa is pretty perfect, so I guess that's the worst thing she could think of to say about her.

- Plus five points to Blair for making an Ann Bolin reference! Love Ann Bolin. Blair really did learn stuff in high school. Way to use historical allusions. If only most teen girls thought this was a cool way to talk.

- Plus 15 points to Gossip Girl herself for illustrating that Gossip Girl is more of a panopticon than a singular person by inviting all of Constance and St. Jude's to the Oak Room and declaring them all to be what is known as "Gossip Girl." Without everyone's tips - and they've all tipped Gossip Girl - she's nothing. Gotta love the Foucauldian nature of it all!

- Plus 15 points to Jenny for wanting to end the mean girls' monarchy at Constance under her leadership. But, we'll have to wait to see if that actually happens, won't we?

- Plus ten points to Lilly for pursuing Rufus and getting him back for herself. Yay for pro-active females! There are a lot of them on Gossip Girl right now.

- Plus ten points to Blair for not just falling into Chuck's arms when he randomly showed up outside her door, instead making him prove he was serious about her this time. Love the way she even made him say "I love you" twice!

Overall score: Plus 50.

Now I have some general comments. Are you happy Chuck and Blair finally got together? I don't know if I am. I mean, I LOOOVE them together. They are destined for each other, to be sure. But after season two, what else is there to do now if they're an item. Should the show just end? They're done high school and Chuck and Blair are able to love each other. Isn't this perhaps the perfect ending? Of course, I don't WANT the show to be over, but if we undo Chuck and Blair's character arcs in order for them to break-up just so they can get back together later and keep the drama alive, won't that be a bit boring?

In other observations, how AMAZING an actress is Leighton Meester? My God, when she dropped her whole affected Blair voice and persona and finally got giggly and happy when Chuck was able to be vulnerable and admit he loved her too? So brilliant! Leighton Meester should win an emmy. Seriously.

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