May 11, 2009

The Difference Between Kate and Gwyneth

In the UK, papers like The Daily Mail are now accusing Kate Wimslet of having sold out to Hollywood because she's gotten a tad thinner. Apparently this makes her duplicitous. Except, is being THIN what makes Hollywood annoying in and of itself? I think it's the obsessive dieting and a quest to levels of thinness that put people in hospital that's problematic, but a fluctuating person who loses a bit of weight now and then is not a problem. Especially not a celebrity who doesn't flaunt her weight loss and implore everyone else to do the same as she does, like Gwyneth Paltrow on Oprah. Is this just me? I think Wimslet's not annoying. Does anyone disagree?

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Lux said...

Not only is she not flaunting her weight loss, Kate Winslet has spoken out against said quest for thinness throughout her entire career, and should be commended accordingly.

In 2003, she forced GQ to publicly apology for digitally enhancing her image, making her look thinner. Also in 2007, she won a lawsuit against Grazia magazine for claiming she was seeking diet help. She donated all money awarded to an eating disorder charity.

You're absolutely right; thinness is not the problem. The problem is the assumption that thinness is *necessary* and that "self-control" (read: starvation) is somehow morally praiseworthy.