April 5, 2009


Okay, I'm currently watching my version of a horror movie. It's called, "I Didn't Even Know I was Pregnant!" It's all about chicks who show up at the hospital with indigestion and then come home with twins. It's some scary shit! Some of these women didn't gain weight and even took negative pregnancy tests! How could they have known? I am petrified; however, I'm not just petrified by by the fact that these women didn't know they were pregnant; I'm also scared by the fact that EVERY SINGLE STORY ends with, "Luckily, even though she didn't know she was going to have a baby, she didn't smoke or drink while pregnant." Who are these people who don't drink ever? If I found out I was in labour tomorrow, the first horrifying thought that would come to mind would be, "Oh my God! My child is going to have fetal alcohol syndrome!" Who knew there were so many puritanical non-drinkers in the world?

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