April 27, 2009

On Spring Awakening

I handed in 9000 words worth of grad school stuff today. I didn't sleep, because I was too stressed to do so, what with all my shit being due basically on the same day. But I am just writing to say to all of you that I saw "Spring Awakening" recently, and it was fabulous! It's all about horny German teenagers a hundred and fifty years ago. The cast is oh so cute and there's even some nudity, so if you don't usually like musicals, you might well like this one. It's also a rock musical where the kids actually DO rock out. The songs are original and the staging is uber self-reflexive. If you can, you simply must see it. It's something of a post-modern musical masterpiece. Gone are the days of happy, innocent musicals - now it's all about kids jerking off while reading King Lear, getting into same-sex make-out sessions, running away to artists' colonies and losing their virginity in hay lofts. Dare I say it? Because, don't get me wrong, even when they're not cool, I love musicals, but I think now that we have "Spring Awakening," musicals might just be cool again.

Oh, PS. WTF? THe kids on the new 90210 supposedly staged Spring Awakening for their "school" play. First off, the rights to spring awakening would be actually impossible to get for a high school, but let's forget that for a second and talk about the inappropriate content! I know, Beverly Hills is a little more liberal than Utah. I get that, but there's so much swearing in this msuical you'd think the kids had terrette's and there is a TON of sex. We're talking horny, graphic sex. By this, I mean humping, sucking breasts and revealing bare asses. I of course know that teenagers do this stuff in real life, but if I were a parent, I don't think I'd feel comfortable pretend to do what they actually do all the time on stage in Victorian costumes. Aren't there boundaries? I wouldn't have wanted my dad to watch some 16 year old thesbian sucking the shit out of my nipple on stage. Does that make me a prude?

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