April 12, 2009

Happy Easter - Let's celebrate by playing "Who Would You Do?"

I love me some "Who Would You Do?" I am a sex-positive feminist, okay! So, in honour of Easter, let's talk about whom we'd do. Come on, play along

1. Yael Naim or Lenka?

My Answer: Lenka. I love her clothes! They both have great music, but Lenka is also adorably stylish. Plus, I like me some Aussie accents. So cute!

2. Chuck or Nate?

My answer: Chuck! Why? He's Chuck Bass - nuff said! He's so smarmy and horny but I'm sure he'd be great in bed. I mean, he gets enough practice, right? Oh, and I love his chashmere scarves. I would steal one in the morning while sneaking out...

3. Blair or Serena?

My answer: Blair, obviously! Serena's never had to work for anything in her life, so I assume she wouldn't work too hard in bed. Blair Waldorf is a saucy, saucy minx too! I would also steal her clothes in the morning...

4. Robert Pattinson or Zac Efron?

My answer: Rob. I think he's straight. I think straight men are probably better in bed with women, so I pick him. The girls I teach debating to argue about which one is hotter incessantly, but I'll just go for the one who is more likely to be attracted to my woman parts, not that Zac's not dreamy. He is. Though, Rob is awfully good at looking "dramatic" as is evidenced by Twilight.

5. Hillary or Obama?

My answer: I'm a loyal girl. I picked Hillary during the primaries, and I still pick her now. I think her Chinese collars are cute!

6. Lindsay Lohan or Samantha Ronson?

My answer: Um, Samantha. Does this even require an explanation?

7. Paul Rudd or Seth Rogen?

I have loved Paul Rudd since Friends, but Seth made me want to get pregnant out of wedlock in my early twenties for about five minutes after seeing Knocked Up! in theatres. Seth was so charming he made inappropriate early twenties' pregnancies look like fun! Still, Paul Rudd is a classic choice. I pick him. He makes me swoon!

8. Harper or Iggy?

My answer: Ah, Iggy! Maybe that one was too easy?

9. Sheldon or Lennard on "The Big Bang Theory"?

My answer: Um, Sheldon is adorable! I know he probably would NEVER touch a girl, but if he did, I'd want it to be me. Plus, I'm sure he'd be very polite.

10. Justin Long or Michael Cera?

My answer: This is the hardest question I've ever had to answer, I think. Harder than when I was asked for my strategy to create peace in the Middle East. Harder than when I had to choose between LSE and Oxford for my Master's. Harder than when my really hot friend hit on me in high school and I had to decide whether or not it would ruin our friendship to go along with it. Here's why it's hard: they're both so indie-moving post-modern adorably funny. Superbad is the most hysterical movie I've ever seen, thanks to Cera's dead pan delivery. But, at the same time, Justin dated Drew Berrymore/might be dating here again. It doesn't really get much hotter than Drew, so if she likes him, I'm assuming he's pretty great. I pick Justin Long. He's ten years older so he's had more time to fill out; however, if I'm single a decade from now, I would very much like Michael Cera to call me - he should be looking pretty great by then!

Who would YOU do? You don't have to answer them all, but if you find any of these binary choices thought-provoking, post a comment and explain your picks!

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