April 3, 2009


Here is this week's Gossip Girl Feminist Index! Sorry it's a little late. I was on a plane where a very nice (not being ironic) woman assaulted a jackass man and ended up being three hours late to Toronto after an emergency stop in Newfoundland. It all took a lot out of me.

- Plus ten points to Jenny for telling Lilly she didn't want a big fancy party for her sweet sixteen. If it had been me, I'd want the fancy caterer and foie gras because I like me some free gourment food, but good for her for standing up for what she really wants. When I was 16, I'm not sure I was self-confident enough to stand up to adults to get what I wanted.

- Plus ten points to Blair for demanding that Nate break up with Vanessa. Who wants to get used for emotional intimacy by a guy with a girlfriend? We've all been there, done that. Been the sortof other woman to a guy who claims his girlfriend is too fragile too dump (at least I have), and the truth is, unless you call him on his bullshit and he does dump her, all you've got is a weird, sexless affair that might eventually involve sex if you get drunk and forget your moral stance against cheating...Just sayin'....I also like how Blair invoked the Jennifer vs. Angelina rivalry here. Love the way Blair identifies with Angelina Jolie - now THAT'S self-confidence. She's also not one of those puritanical girls who villifies Angelina for "stealing brad." Really, at the end of the day, he was the one who was married and committed to Jennier, not Angie.

- Minus ten points to Serena for being persuaded by Poppy - of all people - to ruin Jenny's birthday. Really, Serena? Poppy is NOT that persuasive. She's such a dits. Why should she make you feel bad about your life because it's the life of a normal teenage girl who dates high school boys and fights with her best friend? Poppy's an adult. Of course her life looks different! Shouldn't she appreciate that when attempting to give the 17-year-old Serena advice? I know I was less confident and therefore more easily manipulated at 17, but is Serena really so stupid she doesn't realize she doesn't have to be (nor should she be) as fabulous as a sociolate who is in her late 20's? Serena, you can't even vote and you're still in high school, damn it! You get that, right?

- Plus 5 points to Blair for calling Serena out on the phone, reminding her it's not her party but Jenny's. It was a subtle, but it was there. Good for Blair! She's becoming nicer already! Baby steps matter!

- Minus 5 points to Jenny for deciding to get revenge on Serena by inviting every random New York teen in the city over to trash Lilly's house. I mean, what did Lilly ever do to her? She cancelled the party as Jenny asked. She doesn't deserve her priceless art ruined. Not only that, but these artifacts aren't just Lilly's property, they are important for the art history of the world (not even kidding). Don't damage all those beautiful works, Little J! That's so immature.

- Minus ten points to Vanessa and Chuck for exacting revenge on Blair and Nate. Really, nothing had happened between them before Nate broke up with Vanessa. And Chuck? Well, Blair fought for you and you rejected her. Excuse her if she doesn't think your a safe boyfriend bet. I know, break-ups suck and it's hard to see your old flame get closer to someone else, but staging a public make-out session is NOT the answer. Although, Vanessa and Chuck's love scene at the very end of the show was surprisingly hot. I guess that's because they're dating in real life.

- Plus five points to Blair for walking away from Nate when he wouldn't give her what she wanted - ie. wouldn't be her boyfriend. Of course, having a boyfriend isn't the be all and end all of teenage life, but if that's all Blair wanted from Nate, good for her for standing up for herself and snapping, "Don't touch my hair. Only my boyfriend gets to touch my hair." Yay for Blair for being self-assured enough not to take Nate's fickle, wishy-washy crap.

- Plus five points to Jenny for eventually coming clean about being responsible for trashing Lilly's house. Taking responsibility for yourself is good feminism, in my books. She just should have done it sooner.

Overall feminist Index score for "remains of the J": Plus ten.

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