April 4, 2009

Go Stuff Your Nobel Prize!

On yesterday's episode of The View, Whoopi Goldberg told me that, according to some survey done by Oxygen, most women would prefer to win America's Next Top Model to the Nobel Prize I will not link to the survey here. I will not even google it. I'm sure its methodology was shit and its sample size was too small. That's not the point. The point is I'm surprised at how shocked the women of The View were by this finding. They decided it was the end of womankind as we knew it. They were disappointed and dismayed. I say, um, why would you want to win a prize as sexist as the Nobel? Rosalind Franklin discovered DNA and she didn't win the Nobel - instead they gave it to two rich white dudes. The Nobel prize is also racist. For example, Raymond Damadian (not white) invented the MRI and even patented it. Then the prize for discovery MRI was given to two white dudes who even sited Damadian in their research! At least Tyra tries to diversify the people she selects to win her contest!

The women of The View said girls must not care about winning the Nobel not just because of our society's cult of superficiality, but because they don't know what the Nobel is or what it entails. I say, if you guys didn't mention it's racist or sexist history once and how that might stigmatize this award, you don't really know that much about it, either.

I don't want that racist, sexist Nobel shit and I'm a grad student who has actually taken a course in the nobel prize. I know what it is, but no matter how ridiculous ANTM is, there's a chance I might just pick winning that over winning the Nobel prize in Medicine. I haven't decided which one would be worse to win....

Okay, rant done.

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