March 17, 2009

This Week's Gossip Girl Feminist Index

- Minus 10 points to Serena for playing Cyrano with the pompous director and to Vanessa for helping her! Ugh! When will Serena learn? I thought she learned her lesson when she rejected Yale because they didn't want her for the right reasons, so selling a fake version of herself to Mr. Director just seems weird!

- Plus 10 points for the director being gay. Yay for schooling Serena on the dangers of heteronormativity and just assuming all men are straight.

- Plus 5 points for Dan calling out Rachel for being worse than Blair. He's right, Blair is in high school but Rachel is an adult. WTF? She is obviously held to a higher standard of accountability here!

- Plus 20 points for Blair realizing she doesn't need to exact revenge on Miss Carr. Miss Carr's punishment is simply "living" with what she did.

- Minus ten points for Serena assuming Blair betrayed her with the Gossip Girl blast about Yale because she knew Dan wouldn't do such a thing in her heart. Serena, honey, he CHEATED ON YOU WITH YOUR MENTOR. He is totally capable of betraying you. Stop being so naive!

- Plus ten points to Blair for admitting she hasn't really earned Serena's trust, because she does lash out at people and exact revenge. There is real potential for her character to grow now. Developing self-reflexivity is part of developing a feminist consciousness. Maybe next season Blair will become a women's studies major? Hmm. A girl can dream, can't she?

Overall Feminist Index for This Week's Episode: Plus 25.

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