March 12, 2009

Dirty Little Feminist Secrets

1. My first dirty little secret is I think I might be "too posh to push." I know, I know, so many women say elective c-sections are disempowering, that the body was MADE to go through child-birth (Though I don't this, because before the serious medical intervention involving childbirth in the 20th century, lots of women died having babies), but I sometimes wonder if mine actually was. Think about it, if losing your virginity hurt, how can having a baby not REALLY hurt. I have asked my vagina if she would like to give birth, but she says no. An elective c-section might be the only way to get a baby out of me some day.

2. I spend lots of money on lingerie. I like things to fit well and flatter. I KNOW that is a superficial concern. I know lingerie does not breed the same type of self-expression as other forms of fashion, as fewer people see it, but I like to be lifted and assisted. It makes me feel smooth and pretty. So, yeah, in return for that feeling, I let lingerie companies comopletely RIP ME OFF when it comes to how much they charge.

3. I like to read Ann Coulter. I find her columns offensive but funny and thought-provoking. I know I shouldn't even give her site traffic. I know that I am promoting her dangerous right-wing views in some way by helping to increase her ad revenues. I am bank-rolling her insanity and the thought of that drives me crazy, but I'm still addicted and I can't stop!

4. I have watched more than one episode of America's Next Top Model, and sometimes I still stream it when I'm really bored. I have no excuse for this. I cannot even explain why I sort of like it. It's just REALLY addictive.

5. I have dated men because they were handsome before, even if I really didn't like their personalities. I was being superficial and objectifying them and wasting their time as well as mine, as I knew there was no long-term potential. Just because we live in a culture where men objectify women all the time, that doesn't make it okay for me to do it too. I get that. I know dating a guy because he has pretty eyes and cool hair is wrong, but I occasionally am not above doing that.

What are you dirty little feminist secrets? Any good ones! Let's have virtual sleep-over and bond. Get some ice-cream out and spill the beans!

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Steph said...

Oh my god Rants. Yes, to all of the above. You are my karmic feminist soulmate.