March 10, 2009

Diet Pop Detox Update/Where the Fuck is Gossip Girl?

I just wanted to thank everyone who commented or emailed me to offer me your support on my diet pop cleanse. You'll be happy to know I didn't have any yesterday, and so far I have not had any today and it's almost 2 pm. I haven't even replaced it with black tea, which I thought I would have to do. Instead, I've just be drinking about 4 cups of Fortnum and Mason's jasmine green tea a day and lots of water. It's working quite well, in fact. I actually feel like I've even gotten a bit thinner, which is weird, because, is diet pop supposed to make you fat? The point of it is supposed to be that you DON'T get fat, I thought. Anyway, the chemicals and shizz inside it can make you retain water, I've heard, so that's probably why I feel thinner without them.

What I wanted to talk about today, however, is ANOTHER addiction. It would be way easier to abstain from diet coke if I could just get my Blair Waldorf/Deroda/Chuck Bass fix. Gossip Girl, come back to me! I want some feminist-friendly TV. No other show on television deconstructs and skewers post-feminist values so well. I want and NEED it back before I start having dreams about Ed Westwick again. Relax, it's not gross. They're not sex dreams, people. I just dream about running into him at Tesco or by the water fountain at the gym. I just need a little fix, you know? My subconscious knows that, and so it arranges little meetings for us in my sleep...

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