February 13, 2009

Rape Is not a Game!

Apparently, until very recently, Amazon.com was selling a RAPE SIMULATION video game! After the media became aware of this and embarrassed them publicly, they stopped, but that's not good enough. The fact that they EVER sold it in the first place is disgusting, and the fact that they did not stand by the product and have not commented on why they were selling it to begin with shows they knew it was disgusting to sell the game all along, but didn't care. I'm boycotting Amazon until they release an apology, how about you?

Normalizing video games that make sport out of rape by selling them on one of the most mainstream websites there is just not acceptable. I understand all those "freedom of expression arguments," but the truth is expressing ideas that raping school girls and their mothers is "fun" is a hate crime against women. This game shouldn't be sold ANYWHERE, let alone on Amazon. Apparently it originates in Japan, where I guess they have no laws preventing mass-produced video game rape of children. WTF?

You can read a more detailed article that describes some of the incredibly offensive content in the video game here.

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