February 18, 2009

North Dakota is on Crack!

North Dakota just voted to BAN abortion. They claim it's okay, because they identified "When life begins", which Roe V. Wade tells us you have to in order to ban abortion. They say it begins when a sperm and egg collide. This is bullshit. I've said it before and I'll say it again, a fetus is NOT a proper life form. Why? Because I can live without it in my body but it can't live without being inside MY body. Until it's born, it's basically a parasite. This means, it has no rights. It's voice is my voice and if I don't want to carry it to term, that's fine. Just like if I want to go to the doctor and get rid of a parasite I contract while on vacation, I can do that too, and sure it will die, but it's not really a legitimate independent life with its own body, anyway.

Read about the North Dakota story here.

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