February 4, 2009

Cut the Heterosexist Crap

Okay, so here's a truly bizarre fact: heterosexual (I think), heterosexist (I'm sure) British boys will watch The Hills and The City, but they won't watch the academy award nominated movie Milk. Why not? Because it features men kissing. One of my guy friends even defended this position but claiming he's not homophobic because one of his best friends is gay (how original), he just doesn't want to watch men kiss. He doesn't want to "see" it. I'm sorry, but that's homophobic, heterosexist and just offensive. Why? Because it's not like he doesn't make out with girls in public and it's not like gay people could say the same about us and actually expect to be able to escape heteronormative public displays of affection!

Gay people had to watch Barack Obama kiss his wife on inauguration day or just not watch that historic event. Gay people have to watch straight love scenes all the time, or they wouldn't see most of the Oscar-nominated or highest grossing movies that are released each year. Most weddings gay people go to are for straight people too, because in most countries gays still aren't allowed to marry. Yep, this world is a pretty fucking heteronormative place, but most queer people I know are able to deal displays of straight love without being so immature as to leave the fucking room!

In my opinion, displays of love are never gross. So, if want the ability to show love in public at wedding or in the streets, please be respectful that other people will logically want the same. Queer love shouldn't have to be hidden because straight love CERTAINLY isn't in the modern western world...

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Steph said...

Hey! Really liked this post. I also replied to our Big Love discussion below. Hope you're doing well!