January 8, 2009

You Know Your Academics are Dominating Your Life When

You know you're a grad student (Well, a gender one who takes a media course) when you've spent so much time researching and preparing to write about the Gossip Girl series that you've started to dream about Ed Westwick. No, I'm not talking sexy dreams or anything like that. He's just a recurring figure. Yesterday, I dreamt I was at the gym, and Ed Westwick was on the treadmill beside me. Ironic, because I don't even think he's that into physical fitness. Penn Badgely looks like he works out, and perhaps Chace Crawford does, but I don't think Ed's into anything healthy. It must be his English accent. Since everyone at my gym has one, I guess he'd fit in there. I'm not complaining, though. If Ed Westwick did actually show up at my gym and struck up a conversation with me while on the treadmill, I'd be psyched. Who knows, maybe it was a psychic dream? I've spent so long trying to infiltrate Blair Waldorf's psyche for this essay that I think I've developed her taste in men...

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