January 7, 2009

An Opportunity for Feminism!

I see an opportunity for feminism to be fostered on Gossip Girl! I really do! Because, OMFG! Has anyone else seen this Gossip Girl preview for next week's episode? ? The clear implication is that Blair and Jack got it on New Year's eve. Ugh! My theory is that she was coerced into doing it, that Jack would only go looking for Chuck if Blair screwed him. That, or her drugged her and she didn't realize it because it was New Year's and she was probably already drunk and thought the effects of the date-rape-drugs were just a hang-over. I think that would be the responsible plotline to adopt. I know GG isn't meant to be an after-school-special, but I think it could do with some grit and taken down a date-rapist (I'm hoping if he is one that he'll go to trial for it) is exactly the way to do that. Blair, the upper-east side princess becomes a crusader against violence against women? Sounds good to me! She's already rejected those judgmental socialites. I think Blair Waldorf's feminist transformation is almost complete!

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