January 29, 2009

Olivia Palermo, for 30 seconds, was my hero...

Look, I know The City is totally staged. I know it's scripted and I don't even think it's scripted very well. It's a terrible show. Still, my friends and I watched it this Tuesday because there was nothing else to download illegally due to Gossip Girl's infuriating one week break. The city was melo-dramatic, with all the cheating drama from the last one, and the fashion porn was definitely not up to snuff (I mean, I like DVF as much as the next girl, but if we're going to do New York fantasy fashion, can we at least do a design house of the top tier that I could never afford in a million years, like Balenciaga? If we're going to do this, let's do it all the way!). But I do have one interesting observation. I am happy to repot, that even though MTV is trying their damnedest to write Olivia Palermo as "the bitch", what's she's even better at doing is the "bitchslap!"

Whitney Port is a high school student who never grew up. Even now that she has a fabulous job in New York and a fabulous apartment MTV rents her to match (and an undergraduate degree in Gender Studies!), all Whitney can talk about is still boys and friends. This week's episode featured her boyfriend's best friend cheat on one of her friends. Oh, drama! Like that hasn't been done before by LC's crew! Anyway, Whitney comes into the DVF office and immediately accosts Olivia to discuss this drama as soon as she sees her. Never mind that it's early in the morning, never mind that Olivia is at work and might actually want to do something professional. Olivia responds that no, she does not want to discuss this drama that doesn't even officially involve Whitney and that Whitney shouldn't either, because she is 23 years old. Then Olivia goes back to work and we're all supposed to hate her.

Now, I know MTV probably gave Ms. Palermo those lines, but still, would telling your whiney co-worker whose always trying to distract you with her teenage melo-drama off for doing just that really make someone bitchy in the real world? Everything Olivia said is true. You're not a bitchy girl because you don't want to gossip about your co-workers new friends' relationship problems at the office. Doesn't that, in my opinion, make you a better person? Now, I'm not saying I would have done what Olivia did. I might have been too curious, but there is a definite part of me that aspires to do what Olivia did, to transcend silly gossip and be an adult. If MTV wants to make The City less painful, Whitney should try to do the same. Who wants to watch a 16 year old protagonist in a 23 year old body run around New York complaining about her friends' boyfriend problems? Not me!

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Tiny T said...

Whitney is a space cadet. I figured that out on the Hills. But that's what happens when you're famous for no reason