January 17, 2009

Massive Racial Generalization of the Day

Lainey, why you gotta be so prejudice towards Asian people. I love Laineygossip.com, but she's always saying offensive things about people from what she broadly terms "Asia", as if there are no real cultural differences between Asian countries. She criticises the entertainment industry for not being able to tell people from different Asian ethnicities apart, and then she homogenizes all Asian people on her blog. This week, she says people from the continent of Asia lack the ability to "think individually." What an offensive generalization! Why does she have to do this? Does this prejudice that I think constitutes racism towards anyone from the massive landmass geographers term "Asia" make it anti-feminist to read her blog? I mean, I like a lot of her comments. I generally find her very pro-woman, but come on, what causes this hatred?

And I don't want anyone to tell me I'm a self-righteous bitch who doesn't get it because I'm not Asian and if I'd grown up in an Asian community I'd get her judgment. Sure, Lainey is Cantonese, but that's just what small part of the entire continent she condemns. Does she have the experiential authority to dismiss all Asians as mindless drones? Does anyone have that experiential authority?

Read the offensive story here and decide what you think for yourself.

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