January 23, 2009

Is Schindler's List a Chick Flick?

In my hall, my friends and I have a movie night (Read: Illegal downloading night). We download a movie we are too cheap to see (Well, I would pay because I think that is what's morally right, but all of my friends disagree and I hate going to movies alone). Last week we watched The Wrestler (over-rated, in my opinion), and the week before we watched Frost/Nixon (safe but satisfying). and next week all the girls wanted to watch The Reader, but the guys insist it's a chick flick. Our argument went down something like this.

My friend I: Let's watch The Reader next!

My friend D: Yes, let's!

My friend N: No, that's a chick flick!

My friend J: yeah, it totally is. I don't want to see it.

Me: WTF? It's about the Holocaust! It is NOT a chick flick.

D: J, you're a quarter Jew! You have to watch The Reader.

J: No, I don't, it's a chick flick.

Me: I still don't get how you can call an historical drama about genocide a chick flick!

N: There are chick genocide movies and guy genocide movies. Sophie's Choice is a chick genocide movie, for example.

Me: And What's a guy genocide movie?

N: That Atom Egoyan one about the Armenian Genocide.

Me: Actually, that's true. I wrote an essay on how that's a very masculine text...


The argument went on like this, but honestly, what kind of a world do we live in when even the worst human suffering imaginable, genocide, is gendered? How did we come to live in a world where there is such a thing as a "chick" genocide movie that men believe threatens their masculinity. I don't like our world! We must fix our world!

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