January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's time for New Year's resolutions! Now, in some ways, this is a silly tradition. If you want to change your life, just do it. Don't wait for January 1st. I also hate how every print and television advertisement you see from December 27th until February 1st has to do with losing weight as part of keeping your new year's resolution. Why must this be every woman's resolution whom I see on tv? Can't some of them resolve to learn a new language or achieve multiple orgasms? But some ways, I like new year's resolutions. New Year's provides a prompt, a catalyst for self-reflection. A time in the year where we get a day off but aren't expected to make a turkey for our family, so we have time to be self-reflexive. We have time to look back on the 12 months that were and make plans for the 12 months that will be. So, in the spirit of sharing, here are my resolutions! I resolve to:

1. Be a better blogger - that means proof read more before posting. I won't start trying to realize this goal until tomorrow though, as am too hung-over for tedious tasks like proof-reading today.

2. Take my iron pills more regularly - I am genetically anemic, which can make me very, very tired and weak. Iron pills could fix that, if I could just be arsed to take them. I do not know why taking one little pill with every meal seems like so much work to me, but it does. Usually I can manage to pills a day, but the third breaks me. Not this year! This year I will triumph over my anemia. My blood will have so much iron in it they'll even let me donate blood, I swear!

3. No longer wear high heels - This means never. Not ever. No more heels for me. They are uncomfortable and I think flats look cuter on me, anyway. I refuse to perform my gender in this particular manner anymore. 2009 will be free of all heels, even baby kitten heels that you think look totally innocuous before you put them on but make you cry bloody murder for the pain after a few hours of dancing in them.

What are your resolutions, if any? Any interesting ones?

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