January 21, 2009

Gossip Girl Feminist Index

So, daily intel has their "reality index" for Gossip Girl. Thebroadspot is going to launch a similar feature, but this one will be a "feminist index." Now that I am by default the world's feminist academic expert on Gossip Girl, I am going to do a weekly feature on how feminism, or the POTENTIAL for feminism, features on the show. I'm starting with this week's episode, "You've Got Yale."

1. 10 points for Blair ignoring her bust-up with Chuck for basically the whole episode to deal with Yale acceptance day. Blair might care about Chuck, but she cares about other stuff just as much, if not more. She doesn't JUST rely on male validation to define her life.

2. 5 points for Serena turning down Yale because she realized they were exploited her for free publicity. She's right, a school that does that is not the right place for you.

3. An additional 5 points for Serena for her rejecting Yale without consulting her boyfriend and abandoning Dan's plan to stay together all through university. Yay for an independent Serena who doesn't just follow her boyfriend wherever he goes! FInally!

4. 4 points for Blair being self-reflexive enough to realize that what she did to her teacher was, in fact, acting out and that she needs to work on this mean girl behaviour as she grows up.

5. 3 points for Blair's dads being there for the big acceptance day and their same-sex relationship no longer being a controversial aspect of the show, but just a now normal and accepted part of Blair's life.

6. 2 points to the show for not chickening out for Lily's sexual assault scene, and actually portraying with some realism just how horrifying it is to have someone attempt to rape you. Was less impressed however by the fact that no charges were pressed. What does someone who just committed a sexual assault get sent to Australia instead of jail? This isn't Britain in the 1700's, for crying out loud!

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