January 10, 2009

Good News For Gays in the Media?

So, on Grey's Anatomy, they axed the Dr. Haan character. We all suspected that was because they didn't like the gay story line with which she was associated; however, Callie, Erica Haan's former lover, is now attracted to (but resisting) that crazy new intern chick Sadie. This is a good thing if it leads to a gay storyline that doesn't get axed and actually allows for the two women to have a relationship; however, if Callie only being attracted to the psycho-chick intern is used as an excuse to keep her from actually acting on her lesbian impulses, I am NOT pleased. Of all the people one could be attracted to, Sadie is NOT a good choice. She is fucking insane. She elects to have unqualified people perform complicated surgery on her and her nick name is "Die." That nick hame has GOT to tell you something. Nope, pretty sure Sadie is just there as a cop out, to make us THINK the show didn't sell out when it did. Plus, we don't even know if Sadie likes girls, so her just not being lesbian is the perfect exit strategy to this plotline if ever Callie does decide to make a move.

Why must television do this to me? Why must it act all inclusive one minute, and then write off a lesbian character the moment after she actually has lesbian sex the next?

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