January 10, 2009

Emma Watson: Is This a Good Thing?

I think Emma Watson is an adorable and talented little actress, which is why I'm glad she's speaking out against the pressure to be super skinny in Hollywood by saying that dieting to be "super skinny" isn't what she calls pretty. At the same time, I'm worried. Why? Because that's what every girl seems to say in Hollywood just before she develops an eating disorder. Remember Hillary Duff at 15? She said she loved food too much to be anorexic, just like Emma is saying now. Lindsay Lohan made similar comments before her weight plummeted the first time, and the same is true of Lilly Allen. It makes me wonder if as soon as a female star in Hollywood says she likes being a bit fleshy, whether Rachel Zoe finds them and hypnotises them into changing their minds? Please don't go anorexic, Emma! Please don't follow this pattern!

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