January 7, 2009

Comments on Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter has declared war on single motherhood! Just watch this clip of her on the Today Show, and she'll tell you why single motherhood is responsible for practically all of America's problems.. While this is a total exaggeration, it's not why I'm taking issue with. I just want to point out that it is ironic that Coulter simultaneously feels single motherhood is destroying America while wanting abortion banned and hating on contraceptives. I'm sorry, Ann, but WTF? If single motherhood is so bad, shouldn't we be promoting an end to unwanted pregnancies?

In part, I'm with Ann. I do believe single motherhood is a problem in America, because I think a lot of single mothers were having UNWANTED babies because it's often hard to get good sex ed, reliable and consistent birth control and access to abortion in the states. I think if you don't want a baby or aren't ready financially or emotionally to have one, the chances of being a good parent to it are not as great as if you're really psyched and totally prepared for a kid. I'm not saying all single mothers are like this. Lots of them have wanted babies for years and will make great moms, but too many American women are having babies because they have to, and in this case, a lot of dads just disappear and leave them alone.

So, Ann, there IS a problem, but you have no viable method of solving it! I don't think women are having babies out of wedlock because Murphy Brown made it look like so much fun! They're having them because they didn't get proper sex ed (Bush's fault), don't have great access to contraception (US medicare and Bush's fault), and have less and less access to abortion (Again, Bush's fault). Republicans have gradually made single motherhood a more and more entrenched aspect of American society by forcing countless American women into this institution. Want fewer single mothers? Stop putting single women in a position where they HAVE to have babies....

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Biscuit said...

Rants, I think you make an excellent point here. Coulter says "too many single mothers= bad" Obama says "too many absent fathers=bad". While I obviously agree with Obama's lens, the real issue is unwanted pregnancies. This ridiculous policy AND social obsession in the U.S with virgin teenagers, must stop. Because a)they aren't virgins (and that's OK!!!) and b) they aren't getting the education they need (thanks to the "other other" Bush Doctrine-Abstinence Only programmes. Access to Abortion is severely limited in some states (the ones "in the middle"). I'm not saying that women would always choose abortion if it were more readily available, but I think that if a woman is thinking of having an abortion, she should have all the facts, and access to a relatively "easy" abortion.