January 3, 2009


I really don't want Carolyn Kennedy to get Hillary Clinton's vacant senate seat. First off, she didn't even support Clinton during the primaries - she backed Obama. It's a slap in the face both to Clinton and those who elected her to Senate (and helped her win the New York democratic primary over Obama too)to appoint a woman who doesn't even like their former representative. It's just symbolically bad.

Appointing Kennedy is also practically a bad idea, because whoever replaces Clinton should be someone as close to her as possible. Someone with similar policies and a similar perspective on the world. She should be a good substitute for the person who was actually elected and can no longer server, because democracy is about the constituents, who wanted to be represented a certain way.

So, I hope Kennedy doesn't get the gig. She hasn't earned it, either. She's barely spent any time outside of Manhattan, unlike Clinton, who spent two years travelling around New York State getting to know people there before she ran for that seat. I'm all for more women in politics, but women who've earned it. Ms. Clinton has earned everything she's gotten in politics. Yes, she's part of a political dynasty like Kennedy, but the difference is that Clinton worked with her husband to make the Clinton name what it is today; Kennedy was born with all the money and political connections one could ever want, and then did little to cultive them, until now, when her sense of entitlement led her to throw her hat into the ring for a job she is not qualified to do.

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