December 30, 2008


Did anyone watch last night? The City and Bromance both premiered. While The City was exactly what I thought it would be - Gossip Girl all grown up without the witty dialogue and with less cute clothes - what the fuck is up with Bromance? Why do you want to be friends with Brody Jenner? I don't get it! This is a new low in reality tv.
Sure, reality tv has always been a little bit sad. Just look at The Bachelor, which features 30 women vying for the love of one handsome, successful guy is ridiculous. Sure, a good portion of those women who compete just want to be on tv, but at least there is something they are competing for, even if going on tv to duke it out for a rock on your finger (when he probably won't even actually propose) is pretty anti-feminist. But what the hell? Why do you want to be friends with Brody Jenner. Why? All you get is exposure of this TV show (Well, I guess you win a house too), but what's so sad about this is that no one really wants to win the competition for the sake of winning. Brody Jenner is someone who is most famous for being Kim Kardashian's stepbrother and Lauren Conrad's friend with benefits. Competing to be his friend is so transparently just a way to be on tv that pop culture is making me want to kill myself now that Bromance is actually on tv!