December 23, 2008

This Week's Feminist Wake-Up Call

Yet another reason I want to do my graduate research on Islamic feminism in The UK. Forcing women to wear racy clothes in order to work as waitresses is ridiculous; however, this story of a Muslim woman in London getting fired because she wouldn't wear a sexy red dress to wait tables at an upscale Mayfair restaurant would be ridiculous whether or not she was Muslim. Even if she didn't want to wear this sexy dress not out of religious reasons, but just because she thought it too revealing, this story would be just as bad, in my opinion.

I like sexy clothes sometimes, but if I feel wearing them makes me vulnerable to sexual harassment, I put on a sweater. Apparently that's not an option at Rocket Bar in Mayfair. Shame on them! Shame on them! Shame on them! If you're in the London area, don't eat there! I mean, it's in Mayfair, so it's probably pretty pricey and therefore I probably wouldn't have eaten there, anyway, but now I definitely won't. Not even if my parents are in town and paying for dinner....Go for Fata Lemes, the waitress in question, for fighting this!

To read the full story, go there:

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