December 1, 2008

Stuff White People Like: The "Stuff White People Like" Site

Stuff White People Like: The “Stuff White People Like” Site.

White people love to think they have transcended their race and are not part of the “White supremacist capitalist patriarchy” bell hooks warns us all of in our intro to Women’s Studies text books. Smart white people have learned the surest way not to look racist is to make fun of your own race. For example, you can point to your pasty skin while on a sunny day at the beach and say, “Man, I’m sooo white! I’m going to look like a lobster by tomorrow!” For white people who are not funny and cannot think of self-deprecating jokes on their own, the alternative has become reading the website “Stuff White People Like” and quoting it to your friends.
A typical exchange between white people might sound like this:

White Guy A: Did you read the newest entry on “Stuff White People Like”?

White Girl A: Yes, I did!

White Guy A: That joke about St. Patrick’s day was hilarious! White Guy Proceeds to repeat said joke.

White Girl A laughing despite already having read the post herself and secretly not having found that particular one very original or funny: Haha! I just love that site! It’s always so clever!

White people in particular like to talk about “Stuff White People Like” in front of friends, acquaintances or co-workers of colour, because they want to prove just how non-racist they are by flaunting their glee being able to make fun of other white people. They do this despite not being entirely sure to which group “white people” refers. They might wonder whether certain groups, like southern Italians, Serbians, Irish people or particularly light-skinned (read: Christian) people from the Middle East count; however, asking such questions would make whiteness impossible to define and would make the site less funny, which would ruin this perfect opportunity for privileged white people to laugh at themselves.


Biscuit said...

This wouldn't be a snap at me now would it? I seem to recall saying this very thing last year...

rantsalamode said...

No, no, not a snap at you at all. Snap at people who take the site too seriously. I like it and think it's funny myself, but I just think it's ironic how the site has a HUGE white following. It's really just for fun!