December 2, 2008

Satire or Seriously Disturbing?

Did people See Gossip Girl last night? I'm not ashamed to admit, it's one of my pleasures in life. Not even a guilty one. I think the writing is clever and I dig all the historical and literary allusions. Plus, the chemistry between Blair and Chuck is so freakin' hot it kills me! So, I was really looking forward to taking a break from my PhD apps to watch this week's new episode. Unfortunately, it was incredibly disturbing to me. You know why? Chuck and Blair's bet! Betting away Deroda's services is not cool. Yes is your domestic worker, not your slave, Blair (I know she's not real, but I'm talking to her just in case she can hear me)! You can't just give her services away to someone else as a prize. I know, I know the show is meant to be satirical. It's meant to be an exaggeration of what's real, which is why I'm not usually too offended when Blair forces Deroda to skip thanksgiving with her or do other things people shouldn't ask domestic workers to do. I always thought it was a satire of how upper-class kids often get carried away with their nannies, making them their personal assistants at their beck and call.

This newest bet, however, is not funny. Gossip Girl, you've gone too far! What it satirizing? Any type of indentured servitude is wrong, so even if the target of this bet's satire exists at all, I'm profoundly disturbed. Deroda is a human being! She can't just be shuffled between dictatorial teenage employers on a whim!

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Tiny T said...

I agree with what your saying, but the writers are definitely matching the real characters in the books-Blair and Chuck are the biggest bitches in the series, so maybe this act was to show how self-centered they are.