December 11, 2008

Feminist Self-Love Fest Time!

Do you ever find it hard to love yourself? Hard to get why anyone else would love you too? That's what patriarchy wants us to do, to feel unloveable. Capitalism and patriarchy work together to profit off of our insecurity. To tell us we're unworthy because our thighs are big, and then to sell us some firming lotion using that insecurity under something called "The Real Beauty Campaign" (Fuck you, Dove!).

Patriarchy wants me to think I'm too lough to be loveable, so I'll show up. They want me to think that fighting for equality is just being whiney, so I'll go home. They want me to feel slutty for liking sex, so that I won't have it, or I'll have it on men's terms, or I won't have it with women if I want to. Yeah, patriarchy tries to fuck us up and make us hate ourselves. But we still have agency. At the end of the day, we don't have to hate who we are. In honour of this sentiment, I have compiled a list of ten thins I love about myself and that I think everyone else should love about me, too. Create a list of your own, too! You're fabulous. This list can be your holiday present to yourself!

1. I'm a great conversationalist. I read a lot and remember a lot of interesting facts, so I'm full of cool anecdotes and information.

2. I have a wicked sense of humour. Seriously, I think I can be dry and witty, but even if you don't agree with me being funny, at least I find life funny and can laugh at it! My last name does mean "descended from laughter," after all...

3. I'm curious. I love learning and knowing things. This means my view of the world is constantly evolving, and I'm involving with it. I think that makes me dynamic.

4. I'm passionate. About what? About lots of stuff. If I care about an academic topic, a lover, a friend, or even a movie, I will convey that enthusiasm to you. I will show people I care and I will commit to that thing I love.

5. I have an interesting personal style. I think I put a decent (not crazy) amount of effort into my clothes and it shows. My personal style is just a little bit quirky and cute. I love that about myself.

6. I'm a good friend. I have lots of really close friendships, which make me incredibly happy. I am caring and committed to my friends and would sacrifice any number of things for them, and I think they would do the same for me.

7. I can perform close-text analysis of any pop cultural text on the spot. Cool, right? 'Nuff said.

8. I think I write pretty interesting and provocative poetry.

9. I have GREAT time-management skills. Seriously, I'm always done essays EARLY and I'm very good at fitting regular gym visits into my schedule.

10. I'm smart enough and self-reflexive enough to identify as a feminist. That's worth, like, a million life points!

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