November 13, 2008

Why do my breasts offend people?

It happened again! I went to a lingerie store to buy undergarments, and my breasts got mocked again! I got a disbelieving stare when I communicated by size to the saleswoman at the lingerie store. I'm sorry, but if you are not comfortable hearing women's bra sizes without gasping when you hear a woman confide she is bustier than average, then selling bras is NOT your calling!

The girl in question just threw the biggest bra they had at me, and when I protested that the back-size would be too big, resulting in excruciating back pain, she looked at me as though to say, "Honey, don't complain. You should take whatever you can get." Why are is my considerable bust so offensive to so many? Do they think my breasts are fake? Do they think I chose this life? I didn't! But even if I had, why would that make my breast so offensive? Because really, I honestly feel like I offend people when I tell them my size. I feel like I offend some sort of Victorian morality that dictates all women should be modest, and therefore their breasts should have known not to grow past a D-cup at most.

Large busts are harder to hide, and therefore more overtly sexual. Because of them, I look undeniable feminine. There is no androgyny about me. Is that what offends? Am I too much woman? Am I too much of a girl? Or is it that breasts are associated with sex, and because it's hard to hide mine, I am a living breathing reminder or female genitalia ,and therefore, of female sexuality? Do I remind women of their own sexiness, or worries that they are slutty? Are my breasts some sort of a monument to female sexuality that cannot be hidden but with which anglosaxon culture has a VERY complicated and contradictory relationship? Yep, I think that's it. I remind women of sex, and they don't know how we as women are supposed to feel about sex, so I'm a very uncomfortable subject to be confronted with...

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