November 1, 2008

Sexy Costume Summary

My observations regarding sexy Halloween costumes are below.

. Dressing up as Little Miss Muffet gets you;

1. Free drink tickets.

2. Awkward advances from people in your residence hall you've never before spoken to.

3. Into very awkward situations when trying to bowl with a skirt that doesn't cover your ass when you bend down.

4. Into a lot of people's Halloween pictures as local colour.

5. Compliments from under-graduate girls who are just being initiated into the concept of "Sexy" halloween and are inspired by your costume for next year.

6. Very, very cold on the walk home.

The above life license are what I learned from my first ever experience with a sexy Halloween costume last night. I don't think I'll be wearing one of those again, but I guess I'm glad I did it once. I now know that I DON'T find it empowering to wear a polyester dress that barely covers my private bits and would probably set alright should I come close to a fire. It felt so contrived that I just didn't feel sexy, and I'm the kind of girl who usually likes wearing short skirts (one of my vanities is that I love my legs). Plus, I don't like meeting people at bars. I just don't, so wearing an outfit that rightly or wrongly suggests to men I want to be groped and ogled makes no sense for me. Yeah, I think I'm done with "Sexy Halloween."

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