November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day

It's remembrance day in Canada, so I'd like to take this time to remember all who fought - whether the wars were right or wrong - for their country and died for their country. War efforts brainwash some people into participating, while others truly believe in their causes and want to fight for them. But one thing is certain, many, many people die or a traumatized for life because of them. Whether your moment of silence comes from a place of passifist anger that people have to go to war at all, respect for the work our soldiers have done defending us, or simply somewhere in between, it's important for all of us to remember.

The Canadian government sends soldiers to war. On Remembrance Day, we get to evaluate whether it's all worth it, and why and how soldiers die. It's a day when we can't forget that there are people living and dying in Afghanistan wearing Canadian flags on their uniforms. It's easier to ignore most other days, and that's terrible. Remembrance Day forces us to address the existence of the military. We can't just pretend all Canada does is peace-keep. All citizens must hold themselves accountable for the wars our country gets into, and the deaths of our sons and daughters that ensure, as well as the deaths these same sons and daughters cause. Wear a poppy and consider whether or not you think our troops should be in Afghanistan. Do it for the memory of all Canadians soldiers who died in battle and all the people who died because of them.

If people are going to die in war, don't forget to consider the costs and what they die for...

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