November 7, 2008

A Modest Proposal From Melissa Etheridge (You know, because you won't allow her a marriage proposal..)

Melissa Etheridge just came up with a great idea. Because proposition H8 passed in California, she's not going to pay her state taxes. I mean, why should she? She is denied full rights of citizenship, as she's not allowed to marry like straight folks. If she doesn't have the same rights given to her from the state, why should she have the same obligations as straight people TO the state? I'm down with her not paying her state taxes. I also think it would be cool if all gay californians did the same just to stick it to the man.

You can read the blog entry where Etheridge explains her entire position here. It's a passionate, thoughtful piece, but what really resonates is the line, "Gay people are born every day. You will never legislate that away." Why is it that 51% of Californians don't get that? Proposition H8 just oppresses people, it doesn't make them go away....

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