November 6, 2008

McCain Concedes Well...

John McCain doesn't get a lot of love on this site, but one thing I think he did do write was he concedes really well. No, I don't mean something vicious and sarcastic about that. I'm being genuine; this concession speech was lovely overall. Please follow the link. McCain was humble, optimistic and honest. He seemed to realize he wasn't the man who could take America where it wanted to go and came off as remarkably resigned to this fact, evening silencing those who booed Obama.
I've always thought of John McCain as like your crazy old grandfather. Sure, his ideas are a bit behind the times, and no, you don't really want to live your life by his advice, but you get the feeling that no matter how cranky he is or how bizarre his ideas are to you, that he genuinely means well. Plus, as far as the republicans go, he's my favourite. I know, I know, that doesn't mean much because I would NEVER want him to run Canada, but if all the republicans were like him, I'd be far less worried about them winning future elections.

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