November 14, 2008

Is LSE the Place to Be For Anti-Feminists?

There are times when I love going to LSE. The LSE Gender Institute is full of great profs who are committed feminists. It's just that the REST of LSE is not always so open and accepting of feminism. Take this . This work was done by Dr. Katherine Hakim of the sociology department. She doesn't so much think that women are at all oppressed in "developed countries" anymore (whatever "developed means), and that the idea that we are is a product of "feminist" myths.

Hakim refutes ideas that women work a "double shift" women work saying that her data shows men work just as hard as women do over the course of their lives. I work like to see the people she studied and the studies she consulted and who did those. Why do anti-feminists INSIST on trying to make life harder for my generation of women just because they know the vitriol they pedal against feminism sells? They know the elite white guys in power want to hear they don't have to give up privileges to make this world more equal; they want to be alleviated from their guilt, and this researcher is doing just that! Dr. Hakim is a huge ally to patriarchy, because her clearly flawed research is going to allow men to pretend it doesn't exist. The research is certainly receiving a lot of fanfare at LSE - it's on the front page of our website, so it looks like that the men that are the powers that be in this world already love her for it. I guess that's great for getting her places in her career, but bad for getting the women in the rest of the "developed world" places in theirs....

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