November 6, 2008

Confessions of A Closet Chick-Flick Frequenter

I like chick flicks. You know, those movies with more than one girl in them. Yeah, because most mainstream movies today (Especially the critically acclaimed ones like There Will be Blood, American Gangster, The Departed and fucking everything featuring Russell Crowe) do not have women who receive meaningful roles. This pisses me off. Sometimes, I want to see movies I can relate to, and at risk of sounding all identity-politics obsessed, I often find it easier to relate to women and story-lines about them. So, I don't care if Bridget Jones is silly and self-obsessed, and I don't care that half of the chick flicks out there are only about weddings and I don't even know if I ever want to get married. At least women are considered good enough to feature into these stories.

I'm sick of women's stories being seen as women's stories, whereas men's get to be universal. I can't relate to The Departed. And I do not relate to Fight Club one fucking bit. I can't imagine myself fighting other people in a basement for fun and calling it entertainment. These stories, are therefore, NOT UNIVERSAL. These "man movies," as I call them, do not represent me or most of my friends. They do not deserve to win all the Oscars at the expense of movies like Atonement, Notes on a Scandal and countless other films that feature women in meaningful roles.

I feel like today Hollywood executives think that the best way to make a movie that will receive critical reviews and Oscars is to put as many men in it as possible, and THAT will make it serious. Yes, to show critics you mean business, don't make any lady parts. Nope, everyone knows women are just there to look good and for heterosexual sex scenes.

So, yeah, I like chick flicks. I like movies that don't claim to be Oscar worthy while excluding entire genders from their storylines. No, chick flicks aren't perfect, but they don't pretend to be. They have no pretenses that they are there to win Oscars, even though I don't see why most of them are worse than those "man movies." What I like about chick flicks is that most of them don't pretend to be more important than they are. They don't pretend to be universal and to speak to "the human condition." I just wish "man movies" would get a clue and do the same....

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