October 27, 2008

Whitney and The City

Am I a bad feminist for wanting to watch this show? Whitney Port might be boring, but she was a Gender Studies Major in university, and so am I wrong in hoping against hope that a show where she is allowed to shine might be a little bit more feminist-friendly than The Hills? Plus, the fashion looks fabulous and there is loads of real-estate porn. Her new friend is also that chick Palermo chick who destroyed Socialite Rank! Oh, and the show is way more international than The HIlls. Case in point: the eye-candy on The City is a sexy Australian! That's waaay better than Brody Jenner, no?

I've always said that The Hills could be sort of empowering to women, if they didn't solely talk about boys and make decisions that revolve all around boys. So, I know it's all made up stuff, but if the fictitious plots in The City are a little more enlightened, and happen to feature Whitney taking some actual pride in her career, then this show could be kind of cool. A show about a Gender Studies graduate leaving all her friends and family in the city of her birth to go live somewhere far away and start a new life? That sounds empowering to me...Wait, am I projecting? Am I actually identifying with Whitney? Is there a tiny part of me that thinks she's a blonde, tall, better-dressed American version of me? Christ, I'm one sick woman. Now I definitely can't let myself watch - except you know I will....

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Biscuit said...

I think you meant it the other way around, that is, that Socialite Rank (SR) destroyed Olivia Palermo. She tried to creep her way into the new york social sphere, apparently the queen bee didn't like her (Tinsley Mortimer) because she was more beautiful and younger than the rest. But she's also super annoying, and she seems like a fake bitch. So don't feel bad for her. Anyways, a letter was sent to SR that was supposedly from Palermo, to the New York Socialites, explaining that while they had "gotten off on the wrong foot, she hoped in the future she might be friends with them". Anyways, it's a super embarrassing, total groveling-y letter that Palermo claims she didn't write. Some people say that SR wrote it themselves and sent it to all the socialites. Anyways, it pretty much ruined her chances of ever getting in with Tinsley et al. ALSO, Palermo repeatedly denied that she was becoming involved with The Hills, or a spinoff of that show. She scoffed, "I'm a serious actress, I won't do reality". Anyways, I don't watch the Hills because it's the biggest piece of crap ever, but I will give the City an episode or two. Just to get my jollies from watching Palermo.