October 3, 2008

My Favourite Things

Voting Strategically

Lots of people don't like strategic voting, but then again, the GLobe says 52% of Canadians are afraid of a Harper majority, but only 16% would change their votes to prevent it, so maybe we should all start liking this practice more. For me, it's simple, I don't want Harper to win, so I'm voting for the opposition party that has the best chance of beating him. BEcause all the opposition parties are to the left of Harper, I don't feel I'm compromising myself to for the liberals. Their green shift plan would see a carbon tax that would help the environment while putting its profits largely back into social programs. I can get behind that. THe liberals are also far more gay-positive and aren't the ones trying to pass the stupid "Unborn Victims of Crime ACt" that would make it pretty much illegal for pregnant women to live their lives as they want. All round, the liberals are pretty good.

So, if you live in a riding where the libs or the conservatives could win it, I say, vote for the liberals, please (IF you don't live in such a riding, however, vote any way you feel like, because my strategy won't work in a riding that's going to go conservative in Calgary anyway). Honestly, I know it's not ideal. I know if you're a green, you want to vote green, but they won't win this election (except for possibly in one or two ridings, which are probably nowhere close to going conservative, anyway), and in the meantime, we could get a Harper majority that does practically nothing about climate change and passes acts that are all too reminiscent of US reproductive laws that treat pregnant girls as vessels and have led to such horrific events as forcing women to have c-sections against their will (sorry about the lack of links today, but I can't work my new mac yet, because I'm technologically stupid like that).

So, why is strategic voting one of my favourite things? BEcause, if everyone who lived in a riding where the liberals could possibly win if they got a few more votes did it, then we wouldn't have a Harper majority, which would be scary! I know, it sucks that first-past-the-post makes strategic voting so necessary. Maybe Canada should really look into electoral reform, but, at this point, the conservatives could get a majority in the house with far from majority support from our voters, and why would we want that? I don't want that. I'm voting liberal, how about you?

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